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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bored of winter? Come into A Work of Art Studio for an art class!

What a great and fun class making #laundrysoap! A new class to add to our roster if you want to learn.

 Upcoming classes this week: Crocheting a slouch hat/ infinity scarf starts Thursday, February 6, 6-9 and continues next Thursday as well. 

This Saturday, learn how to sculpt with window screen, wire, and plaster gauze! This is such a great way to expand your 2-D brain cells. 

After completing your initial sculpture you can join our Tuesday or Thursday night Studio times from 6-9 pm to cover it with cement and mosaic, if you wish, to make it garden worthy!
Studio cost is $10.- month if you have your own materials; studio materials have an extra cost if not included with a class.
Then next Tuesday we have a brand new class with a Peg Loom!
Learn to weave with a peg loom, I can't wait for this one!
 So, check out all the classes on http://www.aworkofartstudio.com/about.html and reserve your spot today!