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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cheek to Cheek

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not 

born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a 

new world is born." 

This entry continues from the last where I showed the indomitable Martin Cheek's and my installation of his mosaic "Danny the Dragon" at a charter school in Ann Arbor, MI.
He recently spent the weekend at A Work of Art Studio teaching a mosaic workshop.
 We started by getting reacquainted at dinner. Here is Martin settling in to our wonderful state (the state of graciousness & hospitality).  
On Friday, April 11 the weekend started with a "Meet & Greet" where Martin gave a very informative slide show introducing his town of Broadstairs, England and sharing his development of the use of fusions in his mosaics over 30 years.

One of Martin's beautiful mosaic creations "Jessie's Dream" and the making of it can be seen here: http://martincheek.net/my-working-method/

The catered food for the weekend by Kadren Grawburg was amazing!
Martin talking about his mosaic methods.

Thank you to everyone who came to support and learn from the "Mosaic Maestro".
 Here are some of Martin's handmade glass fusions, like being at a candy shop for a mosaic artist.

King Martin enjoys his second eve at a local pub in Lakeview.
Martin works tirelessly on new mosaic proposals and answering emails and keeping connected with his class patrons and students.

Martin showing the proper techniques for cutting smalti with a wheeled nipper and how to turn corners with cut glass.

 Martin is an exceptional teacher with years of experience in the many methods of mosaicing and creating fusions. He is most likely the first major mosaic artist to start using the fusion method in his mosaics.

 Here are the beginnings of a mosaic using Martin's wonderful glass fusions. I shall add an updated post when we are all finished.

The Martin Cheek Mosaic Workshop Crew of April 2014 at A Work of Art Studio in Lakeview, MI.

Martin celebrated a successful weekend with us by going to one of our favorite eateries in Howard City, MI. where I have a mixed media/mosaic sign hanging in the dining room.

Martin shall be found wherever there is a hefty internet connection which just happened to be my house, where he is always a welcome guest. Thank you, Martin, for visiting our humble abode and for an excellent weekend.
If you want to know more about Martin Cheek and read about his techniques and musings check out his blog:
http://martincheek.net/welcome-to-my-blog/ or his website: http://www.martincheek.co.uk