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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Evening Stroll

"If you never stepped on anybody's toes, 

you never been for a walk." 

I have always been fascinated with my little town cemetery. I played there as a child, rode bike around the curves in the road and down the large hill at the entrance again and again. I met one of my best friends walking to kindergarden because she came from the cemetery road where she lived in a house right outside the gates. I loved this prime chunk of land on the edge of our lake and wondered if someday I would have a lake view. Some of the same trees grow there, crabapples that we used to climb and ravage fruit from to throw at each other. I made a mental note on my stroll tonight to check if crabapples were edible because we used to chew on them as kids.
I always wondered how my friend could sleep in her bed in her house right on the edge of that cemetery without the "Bogey Man" visiting her every night. I had enough trouble being scared of the dark and monsters under the bed that I didn't need to live within shouting distance of the ghosties. I very often run through the graveyard with my dog leashed to my waist; he knows my exact route and keeps it unless he needs a necessary pitstop. While we were running today I decided to come back near sunset and photograph some of my favorite spots and stones. So, without further delay...

 I also wanted to ride around the lake and check out the scenery from the "living" section of town.

 This is where I ended my picture tour, at my shop in the middle of town, a lovely spot to grab the last of the day's sun. I am so blessed to walk, run and ride through this little beauty of a town whenever I have the energy. It never disappoints in blessing me and refilling my empty cup.

"I'd give all the wealth that years have piled, 

the slow result of life's decay,
To be once more a little child 
for one bright summer day." 
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