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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rag Rug To The Finish!

"When someone beats a rug,

the blows are not against the rug, 

but against the dust in it."
— Rumi

Here is my t-shirt/fleece strips rag rug from start to finish. I did a past post on prodded rag rugs:
But here is a quick look at the progress:)

 It got so thick and heavy as I continued to add more and more strips, that I gave up using the frame, actually, the frame cracked when I man-handled it one day, and I decided it was easier to maneuver without it. Here is the finished prodded rug.

 At this point, we add a bit of carpet adhesive to the edge where we then fold the edge over and "whip-stitch" it together with an upholstery needle and strong thread.

 This is before whip-stitching is completed.
 And, here it is after being sewn and wiping a layer of carpet adhesive to the whole back; this gives it a non-slip backing and keeps the strips from being pulled out. Let dry overnight.

To clean, lay in bath tub with mild soap and rinse well afterward.
My tired feet can't wait to step on this in the bathroom! It is so cushy. I am off to make one for my mom's bathroom:) Happy prodding! More rag rug classes will be planned for later summer/early fall.