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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fingers Interlock Like a Beautiful Zipper of Prayer

"people used to tell me that i had beautiful hands 
told me so often, in fact, that one day i started to believe them until i asked my photographer father, “hey daddy could i be a hand model” 

to which he said no way, 

i dont remember the reason he gave me and i wouldve been upset, 

but there were far too many stuffed animals to hold 
too many homework assignment to write, 
too many boys to wave at 
too many years to grow, 

we used to have a game, my dad and i about holding hands cus we held hands everywhere, and every time either he or i would whisper a great 
big number to the other, pretending that we were keeping track of how many times we had held hands that we were sure, this one had to be 8 million 2 thousand 7 hundred and fifty three. 

hands learn more than minds do, 
hands learn how to hold other hands, 
how to grip pencils and mold poetry, 
how to tickle pianos and dribble a basketball, 
and grip the handles of a bicycle 
how to hold old people, and touch babies , 
i love hands like i love people, 

they're the maps and compasses in which we navigate our way through life, some people read palms to tell your future, 

but i read hands to tell your past, 
each scar marks the story worth telling, 
each calloused palm, 
each cracked knuckle is a missed punch 
or years in a factory, 

now ive seen middle eastern hands clenched in middle eastern fists pounding against each other like war drums, each country sees their fists as warriors and others as enemies. 

even if fists alone are only hands. but this is not about politics, no hands arent about politics, this is a poem about love, and fingers. fingers interlock like a beautiful zipper of prayer. 

one time i grabbed my dads hands so that our fingers interlocked perfectly but he changed positions, saying no that hand hold is for your mom. 

kids high five, but grown ups, we learn how to shake hands, you need a firm hand shake,but dont hold on too tight, but dont let go too soon, but dont hold down for too long, 

but hands are not about politics, when did it become so complicated. i always thought its simple. 

the other day my dad looked at my hands, as if seeing them for the first time, and with laughter behind his eye lids, with all the seriousness a man of his humor could muster, he said you know you got nice hands, you could’ve been a hand model, and before the laughter can escape me, i shake my head at him, and squeeze his hand, 8 million 2 thousand 7hundred and fifty four." 
 Sarah Kay

Just thought this was so beautiful and wanted to share it, with a few pictures of my father holding hands. He was so very good at it.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Expand Your Brain Cells with an Art Class!

So very excited for the Fall line-up of Art classes at Aworkofartstudio.com! (Click on "Studio schedule").
But for those of you who are too giddy to wait, here is the beginning of the line-up, there will be more to come!
  Beginning Stained Glass-with James Tanis
    Saturday, August 27, 11 am - 2 pm.  $30.- all materials included.
Learn all the basics of beginning stained glass creation and leave with
a wonderful heart sun catcher! One 3 hour class. RSVP required.
Polymer Clay Steampunk Jewelry- with Maureen Roslanic
Make a pendant/pin and earrings out of polymer clay base with added 
mixed junk parts (watch parts, buttons, old jewelry, etc). Class $20.- 
including materials. 2 Saturdays: Sept 24 at 11 am to make base from
polymer clay, Oct 1 to glue parts to finish pieces after they are baked.
Beginning Photography (Camera Basics)- with Jack Johnson
Saturday, September 17, 11 am - 1 pm. $15.-. Bring Camera, instruction
booklet and questions. 
Introduction to Linocut Printmaking- with John Bergmeier
 Saturday, October 15- 2 - 4 pm. (Price to come...) 
Linocut printing is a relief printing process where a design is carved into a block of linoleum using a sharp v-shaped tool. The relief printing process is similar to using an inkpad and stamp in that the image and ink to be transferred to the paper is taken from the surface of the printing block.
This beginning class starts with an introduction to the linocut techniques. Demonstration of techniques will follow with time allowed for all to cut printing blocks and to print them.
Bring a Design and/or drawing that you will make into a print. Supplies will be available for purchase at the shop on the day of the class.
John Bergmeier received his BA from Hastings College, Nebraska and his MFA from Wichita State University, Kansas with a focus on printmaking. He has recently been making prints as a participant of the Wayne State Printmaking Workshop in Detroit. His work has been included in numerous group exhibitions internationally and he has been the recipient of numerous awards in national juried print exhibitions.
Beginning Mosaic Class with Molly Moblo Perusse
   Starting again Tuesday, September 6.  (4-8 weeks, depending on intricacy of your chosen
design), 6-9 pm. Come and learn the art of direct application on a 12”x12”
wood surface, how to cut, glue and grout a basic mosaic. $60.- including
materials. Or come with your own surface to mosaic. $20.- per square foot, including materials. Pre-registration required.
All classes require an RSVP to 989-352-8222!
Also coming soon:
Oil Painting with Dick Goedge in the "Bob Ross" method (starting in September on Tuesdays), cost is $25.- per 2 week session where you leave with a finished painting.

Braided Wool Rug Class or Broomstick Rug Class with Julie Sullivan: www.Rewovendesigns.etsy.com 
And many more. Call today @ 989-352-8222
 Also wondering if there is much interest in an after-school program for kids?
Would love some feedback about that option. Email me @aworkofartstudio@me.com.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Strange Flora & Fauna

Sorry I have been out of the blog country for a while, busy working on this commission and generally working full time at the salon, etc. And looking up quotes too;) 

"There is at the back of every artist’s mind something like a pattern and a type of architecture. The original quality in any man of imagination is imagery. It is a thing like the landscape of his dreams; the sort of world he would like to make or in which he would like to wander, the strange flora and fauna, his own secret planet, the sort of thing he likes to think about. This general atmosphere, and pattern or a structure of growth, governs all his creations, however varied." 
 G.K. Chesterton

Or.... you could just appreciate the little critters and want to copy them somehow.
I do love me some flora and fauna.
Here is the start of the fauna in my commission mosaic:

                           This is the panel behind the client's stove. Must have male and female cardinal. I have a chickadee in this panel and the second little buddy is in the center panel; I have never seen just one chickadee, dee, dee, always two together.

 This is the start of the far left panel behind the client's sink. A luna moth and a hummingbird for starters.
This weekend I will be choosing the flora colors and background glass for the rest. These individual pieces are taking quite some time because they are each so, uh, individual. I have decided the rest will go more quickly since it is all pretty much related in pattern and color.
Thanks for sharing this journey with me.  And have a nice day. Don't forget to smell the flora and appreciate the fauna.