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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Who You Are Comes in Bits & Pieces

"Leonardo's Mona Lisa is just a thousand thousand smears of

 paint. Michelangelo's David is just a million hits with a

 hammer. We're all of us a million bits put together the right


I finished the Cardinal for my commission kitchen backsplash today! 
Bit by bit, little by little, and a "whole" appears just the right way. 
Amazingly, bit by bit the motivation for your life comes back to you, which is not
easy when you are grieving the loss of a parent. I have my pattern taped 
to one of my Dad's oil paintings to help me think of him as I go on.

"There is never a sudden revelation, a complete and tidy explanation for why it happened, or why it ends, or why or who you are. You want one and I want one, but there isn't one. It comes in bits and pieces, and you stitch them together wherever they fit, and when you are done you hold yourself up, and still there are holes and you are a rag doll, invented, imperfect. And yet you are all that you have, so you must be enough. There is no other way." 
 Marya Hornbacher