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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Belly Up!

The last few weeks I had the pleasure of taking part in a Creative Writing Class @http://aworkofartstudio.blogspot.com/2011/03/write-on.html
and was asked to write a 'short story'. I don't know that I achieved that end
but my instructor, Benjamin Lambright (Writing Guru Extraordinaire)
thought it had possibilities as a poem. I will be tweaking it in the next couple
weeks but here is my first draft for your gastronomic enjoyment.

Ode To A Sagging & Musical Mid Section

    It precedes me wherever I go, my protuberant and melodious mid section. 
   Such a sad state of affairs and quite nonsensical to dwell on in the big scheme of things. 
   It seems to be one of the many female concessions to producing offspring and growing older. 
   Imagine releasing the air from a very large balloon and being left with the flaccid remains.
   My children pat my belly like it is their personal fetish and enjoy a good laugh when we settle down after dinner and my gut starts its own rendition of the "Flight of the Bumblebee".
   I always prided myself with the gift of resiliency and good digestion.
   Then welcome baby one, baby two and what all have to deal with eventually, gravity, and the mid section chorus. 
   No amount of exercise or stretching will reshape skin that has been stretched ten times its original size back to Barbie doll tautness. And no amount of food enzymes will keep the intestinal racket from occurring. Eat a bowl of 'Kashi' cereal and let the composition begin.
   Just the other day, I invited an attractive twenty-something male client to be shampooed after his haircut was finished. As he swiveled in the chair he instinctively reached to brush his clippered hair from my protruding belly where it had landed. 
   Good thing a healthy dose of apathy and resignation come with the beginnings of middle age as well as the tendency to say whatever comes to mind. But that is another story altogether.
   I am learning to love my outer innertube.
   I feel a song coming on.

I was trolling the net for pictures of a sagging midsection and came across this amazing artist, Federico Uribe. Give yourself a visual feast and check out his incredible works of art @http://www.federicouribe.com/.
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