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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fly Away....

"Oh, Lord, have mercy, she said.
  If I could just borrow a pair of angel wings,
 I'd fly away. 
               Yes I would.
                                        I'd just fly away.
                                                         Fly away."

                                   Charis Moblo
Loving the mixture of Verdi gris & Copper Feathers!

Copper feathers attached to a rebar/hardware cloth base.

"Luminary's" Wings.  Almost done with one side.
That is a lot of wiring; about 40 hours already; and one side to go.
As of today (7/24/10) I am almost done with side 2. Did run out of copper
feathers, don't ya know; ordered more to finish.

The "Light" offering of Luminary- the Light Bringer.
And the start of her mosaic shawl.  Only 60 days until
@ArtPrize installation @GRCivicTheatre!


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