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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"Curses, Plastered again!"

"An impossibility does not disturb us until its accomplishment show what fools we were." 
~Henry S. Haskins

I am fully and wonderfully plastered from head to toe, as is my @ArtPrize Sculpture.
Only took me 4-5 days to accomplish; a great base to start with.

She has a bustle; only fitting for a "Light Bringing" Angel?

Hands are just about ready to hold the world;  the "Orb" got plastered today, drying away.
Her shawl got wrapped around her arm; gotta have enough cloth to dry someone's tears.
Here are one side of the bottom wings laid out ready to be "sewn" on with copper wire.

Here are "Molly's Angels", Lisa & Michael, attaching a few copper feathers; Thanks!
Four Days of wiring and plastering have left me with a great start to "Luminary".
Waiting on some colored stained glass to make final decisions on coloration.
A lot of work yet to do, but I am thankful to have had all weekend to work on Her. Thanks, family!
And thanks to all interested in her growth, and to all the incoming encouragement.

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