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Friday, March 26, 2010

Big Shoulders!

"I am an artist kind of by default; I see and act on things instinctually. My mind is always running with ideas...
If I didn't create, I think my shoulders would implode
from the stress of inactivity."
~Jesse Reno

I am so blessed to have some very strong shoulders to sometimes lean on and sometimes hold me up. Just showing the back of the shoulders of one of my #1 Supporters (did I not say I have many?).
   Here he is installing my first paper mosaic (made entirely of recycled magazine pages), and hanging in this amazing restaurant! Please check out their website and definitely visit and have the best food and service in Central Michigan! Latitude's in Howard City. @http://www.latitudes-steelheads.com/.  This place is where everyone knows your name.
    And, if you are ever bored on a Thursday night and find yourself near Lakeview, come on in to A Work of Art and try your hand at paper mosaic; you will become addicted; and your spouse may regret that you met me, but we try not to worry about all that! Have a great weekend snuggling with your favorite pair of shoulders.
Peace, Molly
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