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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Industry of Beauty

"If you have an unnatural haircolor you won't get a job. If you don't wear make up you won't get a date. If  you don't have a straight smile with straight teeth people won't like you. If your face isn't symmetrical you won't do well in school. If you have a big nose you'll get picked last for the team. WHO CARES?"
I bought this self-portrait from a very talented young artist (a friend of my niece), Stephanie Joki. I thought it was perfect to hang in a salon, because even though it is my job to help people look their best, I think it is even more important to help them feel their best. And if that is just accepting and loving them as they are that day then I feel I've had a good day.
When the day comes for you to work on your self-portrait, I hope you capture your "True Self", because that is how the rest of us see and love you. When I get into a "tearing myself apart" mode, I remember how much I adore each of my family members and friends for exactly the person they are, no changes. That reminds me to be easy on my judgement of myself.
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