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Monday, February 29, 2016

Circulate New Energy Into Your Life: Take An Art Class!

"A man who procrastinates in his choosing will inevitably have his choice made for him by circumstance." 

Make a bold new choice today and join us for Studio Time every Tuesday or Thursday Night 6-9pm
or enroll your kids in KIDS ART CLASSES: Tuesdays 4-5pm!
Here are just some of the classes offered at A Work of Art Studio:
Soap Making

Canvas masterpieces

 Spirit Sticks! 

Salve Making
(Ongoing every Tuesday and Thursday Studio night from 6-9 pm)

Candy Making


 Sewing Classes
Oil Painting 

And here's what the front of the Studio looks like in the sewing, crocheting, knitting seats!


Sign Making

Candle Making
Please join us make a bold choice today to be creative @the Studio!
 Matt Kahn of http://www.truedivinenature.com talks about making one new bold choice every day and it will lead you to circulate new energy.
    "Energy always moves forward and we as energetic beings, if we're not moving forward and learning how to circulate energy, we leave it up to life to circulate energy for us which we perceive as moments of peril or adversity. Life will circulate for us to keep this Being evolving. If you just sit back and let life lead, you will evolve on life's terms. 
    We circulate energy by learning to make different choices that break apart the areas or patterns of stagnation in our lives, because stagnation energetically creates inflammation. Inflammation then has a personality in your consciousness, which is called Ego.  Ego is a creature of habit, it lives on stagnation. The more often you make the same same same choices, the deeper our dependency to these choices become like an addiction. And the hardest things that we know aren't helpful, that we can't seem to NOT DO, show us where the greatest stagnation is.
    You will go through the evolution of your journey, question is, will you go through it abundantly and miraculously or meagerly and fearfully? It's your choice. And most of us don't know it's our job to circulate energy to tell the universe how fast our evolution and how miraculous it's going to be.
    Nothing should be done for long periods of time, break up the stagnation. Addiction is just our dependency on stagnant activities. So, what do you do a lot or for an uninterrupted amount of time that from the perspective of circulating energy couldn't be helping you?
    Look around your house, is it stagnant? De-cluttering energy is re-circulating new energy. Circulating energy is the governing principle of all energy. We circulate energy, that creates a pattern. Soon that pattern becomes the new stagnation and we create another new pattern to break apart that stagnation and the healing that occurs from going from stagnation to circulation is Integration. Integration is inner work when you don't feel social. The temperament is shutting down, being in a cocoon, and you need to be nurtured.
     A lot of us live our lives like we don't matter to ourselves, we feel like we don't matter to others or we feel invisible to the world because we are experiencing the absence of our own significance based on how little energy we circulate in our lives. If we can learn to circulate, the circulation breaks apart the stagnation, dissolving the inflammation and after you go through your healing or incubation, you come out as a by-product of salvation."
    "What's the spiritual principal to inconvenience? Inconvenience is how the universe infiltrates your stagnation and breaks it apart with circulating energy. So when you are not circulating energy, life says, 'send in the troops, start inconveniencing that ego.' When everything falls apart it's just life saying, 'there's stagnant energy that we need to break apart to keep you advancing in your soul's journey and you are not circulating enough energy, so we need to help you. The universe is going to circulate that energy in fast, efficient ways, but the fast, efficient way that life does it, it's not always comfortable. So if you are taking it upon yourself to circulate new energy you are telling the universe, 'I'm taking it upon myself to circulate new energy into my life, you can stop shaking up the snow globe of my reality, you can take the boxing gloves off.'
    "You're a Work of Art, now Create It!"
You can listen to this whole message here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R77Di7MLSkE

We look forward to seeing and getting to know you soon when you come in to circulate some new energy by taking an ART CLASS.
We accept all levels of knowledge, never be intimidated to learn something new; we are all beginners at something. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

When Life Hands You a Shed....Name Her Frida

"I paint flowers so they will not die." 

    It has been a busy summer (actually year, of not blogging). But a lot of projects were conquered. This the last one started and finished is a little shed I like to call: Frida. If you have known me long you will know that I have a bit of a fascination with flora and fauna, oh, and wings.  My beautiful friend presented her quandary that she wanted an artist to paint her shed. I racked my brain and thought, why not, why should the fact that I've never painted a mural stop me?  So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen: Frida.

    The idea was scribbled out on a notepad and folded into sections when the time came to draw it out on the wall. (Here is a link showing you long hand how to do this:) http://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-use-a-grid-to-enlarge-an-image-while-drawing--cms-20593 
    I used chalk to show up on the wall that I painted first. I wish I could say that I'm the type of artist that freehand draws but mostly I work from several pictures. (I mostly prefer realistic looking things, the easier to "cheat" with pictures.)
    Once I finished painting I cut mirror bits to glue onto the dragonfly wings. Mosaic is my first love and I wanted to reflection close to the water.

 Here is the design that I fit the glass into. I loved mixing the mediums and will most likely do it in the future.

 Here is the finished lakeside. What a blast having boaters pull up close enough to throw out a few "hoorays"!   I knew I wanted a sunflower on the street facing side and to surprise the client, I added in a portrait of her adorable kitty, Sneetches.  Here is the initial layout. I ended up changing the background color to the same blue-green on the other side to make the flower pop.

 I thought this was the finished deal until I woke up the next day and decided to write some beloved quotes all over the flower, the cat even got to wear one or two. And here is Miss Sneetches inspecting her portrait. She would not sit still long enough so I had to work from pictures:)

 Here are a few closeups of some quotes.

 The final final shed picture. What a blast! I put a few coats of marine varnish on it to save it from our harsh Michigan winters. It could probably use a couple more just to be safe. So thankful for the opportunity to create such fun artwork (thanking the divine thoughts that inspire me as well:)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bored of winter? Come into A Work of Art Studio for an art class!

What a great and fun class making #laundrysoap! A new class to add to our roster if you want to learn.

 Upcoming classes this week: Crocheting a slouch hat/ infinity scarf starts Thursday, February 6, 6-9 and continues next Thursday as well. 

This Saturday, learn how to sculpt with window screen, wire, and plaster gauze! This is such a great way to expand your 2-D brain cells. 

After completing your initial sculpture you can join our Tuesday or Thursday night Studio times from 6-9 pm to cover it with cement and mosaic, if you wish, to make it garden worthy!
Studio cost is $10.- month if you have your own materials; studio materials have an extra cost if not included with a class.
Then next Tuesday we have a brand new class with a Peg Loom!
Learn to weave with a peg loom, I can't wait for this one!
 So, check out all the classes on http://www.aworkofartstudio.com/about.html and reserve your spot today!

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